Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Next Step

Looks a little small doesn’t it? I wonder if there will be any room for me in there when everything goes in, but at least we are started now and as I write the frame is going in over an already completed concrete slab.

To Be Or Not To Be My New Home?

These is the view from what may or may not be my new home - when I am in Melbourne that is - until recently my sister’s garage which as you can see couldn’t have possibly house a car, but did house everything else that she, her family, our parents and I have ever owned - not even a tram ticket would have fitted in there prior to the empty out. My sister is a true Bower Bird. I am only sorry that we didn’t take photos before we started the clean out - but many black bags hit the dumper and a 6 meter skip came and went in just a few hours and there is still a lot to go! All I now have to do is get the works happening and that is proving interesting to say the least. I am beginning to wonder if it is meant to be, but we shall see on that one.
First one has to get the permits, cost involved naturally, then there are the contractors/tradesmen - just getting them to answer the phone, return the calls, come and give a quote etc is proving to be an exercise in patience. Then there are all those decisions I am going to have to make, and everything naturally involves a cost - it’s much easier to just take off on the next adventure or house sit - which is what is just about to happen. So wish me luck with the “house” or whatever comes next. My next entry should be from “The Alice”