Monday, January 04, 2016

Deja Vu

There is something about Edinburgh that sings to me. 

Since my visit all those years ago, it has been a place that I have always wanted to return to, and this visit has just made the feeling all that much stronger. There are many cities I have visited and enjoyed, but none have had the same effect as this city.

I just love the Old Town. The buildings with their crooked walls and narrow winding staircases. Buildings narrow and tall and not quite straight, or wide with layer upon layer of floors all slightly different, some jutting out over the Royal Mile. All so different and charming in their own way - though I don't think I would  enjoy running up and down those staircases on a daily basis now! I love the rough cobblestones, so hard to walk on and noisy under traffic and the closes and wynds that run between the buildings and the various levels of the city.

I am enchanted by the skyline of chimney pots, turrets, gargoyles, cupolas and carvings, the varied colours of the stonework. Edinburgh has the feeling of a city so old, with so much history that it just oozes charm and mystery. 

I am sure that I have had a previous life here - maybe as a gutter urchin, who knows?

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