Monday, December 07, 2015

Home from Skye

Our final day was quite a day- the weather was so bad there were times when I actually wondered if we were going to make it safely or at all. Started the day with the news that the Forth Road Bridge had developed some cracks and was to be closed for up to 3 weeks, and as the bridge is the major route from the north it was going to cause some delays getting back to town. Added to that was the weather forecast of gale force winds and rain - great outlook for the day.
We did manage most of the photo stops without too much rain, including Eilean Donan and Urquhart Castles and then headed for Inverness for a brief look and a lunch stop.
Here I did think I was going to be blown into the River Ness the wind was so strong. As you can see the river is flowing full and strong.
After several more stops along the way at some prehistoric burial cairns and finally the lovely Victorian town of Pitlorchy, it was a very roundabout route to Edinburgh through gale force winds and driving rain- certainly not an enjoyable trip. The motorway at times was at a complete standstill and the road covered by sheets of water.

After finally arriving I had my first experience catching the bus home from the centre, still in driving rain and strong winds, and in the dark - I looked and felt a total wreck by the time I blew in the door. But the house was lovely and warm and Nicola had again cooked a lovely soup.

It was good to be home but it was a great trip

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