Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stirling Castle

 It was bucketing rain as I got off the train in Stirling, and the Castle holds a high, imposing position overlooking the surrounding area, so taxi it was to the top. What an amazing place it is.
Historic Scotland has been restoring the place to how it may have looked in 1540 , when it was occupied by  Mary of Guise, the widow of James V, and their infant daughter. Mary Queens of Scots. There is so much to see from the renovation and restoration of the royal apartments to the tapestries and the story of their creation  - another post for those. The colours are vibrant and the building springs to life  creating quite a different castle experience. Thank goodness the rain did finally clear, so I did get to see a little of the exterior and of the town of Stirling. The exterior of the castle is very imposing with it's hundreds of statues and carvings adorning the walks and walls. The restoration brings history to life.

The drama was to unfold when I left and checked my phone. A friend had offered to come and take Millie out for a walk and to spend time with her, but all the recent renovation works , had caused the inner door handle of the house to malfunction and she wasn't able to get in, and Millie was locked inside. My train trip back from Stirling was spent phoning the builder - on holidays - and arranging for someone to meet us at the house and get ius inside and Millie out. Needless to say she was desperate. Thank goodness it happened then when I was out with my phone, or we could have all been in trouble, as often I take her walking with just keys and no phone.

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