Friday, December 11, 2015

Rosslyn Chapel

 What an amazing, enigmatic and mystical building this is, After an hour's journey an buses and with the rain coming down I had my doubts as to my choice of days to visit, but I am so glad I went, it is a wondrous and beautiful place. Built over 2 intersecting ley lines, it is a stunning example of medieval architecture and the art of the stonemasons. The interior carvings are wonders to behold.

Founded in 1446, the still functioning chapel has a long and interesting career, which culminated in the fame brought about by the publication of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. The book and subsequent film provided the infamy which resulted in a virtual flood of tourists and the therefore the money necessary to continue the much needed renovations.

 Because it is still a working chapel, with regular services, baptisms, weddings etc, photography is not permitted within - otherwise I don't think many would ever leave - there is just so much to see. The only problem is that much of it involves looking up and that becomes very hard on the neck after a while. The stonework is amazing, with carving filling every nook and cranny and the barrel vaulted roof is just fabulous. You could spend days exploring and still not appreciate all the work involved.

The chapel also has supposed connections to the Knights Templar and the Freemasons and so the messages presented by all the interior works can be interpreted either in a Christian biblical way of in terms of the Templars and Masonry

There are many claims, suppositions and theories about Rosslyn all of which create an aura of intrigue and mystery, which is a wonderful place to visit even on a cold winter day.
 I did visit today especially because there was a harp recital for the Christmas celebration, and the 13 year old played beautifully. The harp was perfectly suited to the chapel and the atmosphere was very tranquil and peaceful. A lovely visit.

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