Friday, December 18, 2015

John Knox House

The oldest surviving tenement in Edinburgh, parts dating back to 1470, it seems unbelievable to me that it is still standing and in operation. We who have such a short history, the age of the buildings in Old Town is just amazing.
It stretches over 3 floors, with walls 1 metre thick, a stoneturnpike winding staircase, huge tiled fireplaces, and on the 3rd floor, a painted ceiling,  oak paneling and massive floor boards.

The original residents were the family of James Mossman, a jeweler and goldsmith and keeper of the Royal Mint for the Stuart kings and queens, who joined the wrong side after Queen Mary was forced to abdicate and was part of the revolt that seized Edinburgh Castle for in Mary's name. After 3 years they were removed from the castle and executed.

It is the connection with John Knox that has saved to house through attempts to demolish it and widen the street. Although he was only connected with the house for a very short time, but it is believed he died there.
John Know was a famous religious reformerof the time, a powerful speaker with great influence over the common people and a powerful figure after the Reformation in Scotland

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