Sunday, December 06, 2015

Photo Fanatacism or Selfie Absorption

I had to have a laugh on the trip watching people and their cameras, and came to the conclusion that we are a society totally absorbed in seeing ourselves on screen. With the advent of digital photography, smart phones and the horrendous "selfie stick" tourists spend more than 1/2 their time photographing themselves in front of whatever, often making silly faces or "funny" gestures.

I watched in wonder as a man marched through a very crowded Heathrow airport, selfie stick held out in front and talking to himself as everyone else had to scatter to avoid being poked in the eye by his selfie stick or run over by his trailing trolley.

On my Skye tour I traveled with a family of 3 from Singapore and a young couple from Hong Kong and watched in wonder as they took la multitudes of photos - selfies, individual and group photos in front of everything, every time we stopped. Then of course, there was the obligatory photo of every plate of food to be consumed. I really do wonder how many of these photos are ever viewed again, and how much of the sights and scenery peole actually saw as they pose and organised, or maybe I am just getting cynical as well as old!

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